Ordering Instructions:

Choose your design(s) from my online store. All of the designs can be made with your horse hair unless specified in the listing. Be sure to read the product descriptions, because they hold important information to help you choose the right designs. 

Place your order. Once you've chosen your design(s), you can check out right through my website. I ask that you place your order before sending your horse hair (unless we discuss an alternative) to help me avoid confusion, since I get so much horse hair every day. 

Send in your horse hair. Again, please make sure to read the product descriptions to know how much hair to send, and if your hair is long enough. I will return any leftover horse hair with your finished order, so I recommend erring on the side of sending too much rather than too little. Some designs can only be made with tail hair, while others can be made with mane or tail hair.

Preparing your horse hair to ship. You don't need to wash the horse hair before sending it, but please make sure it's totally and completely dry before packing it up, as horse hair molds very quickly and I can't get rid of that smell. Snap a rubber band around one end of the bunch of hair (please don't use tape - it will leave a sticky residue on the hair), place the hair in a zip lock baggy and write the name that's on your order on the baggy as well as on the return address of your package. Please make sure the name that's on/in your package match the name that you put on your order. Place your horse hair in a padded envelope and send it to:

SC Equine
1719 Chaparro Cir
Berthoud, CO 80513

Receive your treasures back! Once I get your horse hair, you can expect to receive your completed order within a month. If you have a date you're hoping to have your order back by, please contact me before ordering and I'll let you know if it's possible.