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Horse Hair

Can I send my own horse hair for you to use for my order?

Is there any extra cost for sending my own horse hair?

How much hair do I need to send for my order?

What if I don't have enough hair for my order?

Should I send tail hair or mane hair?

Do I need to wash my horse hair before sending it?

Will you return my leftover hair when you're done with my order?

Can you save my leftover hair for me for future orders?

What is the best way to collect hair from my horse?

Can you provide the horse hair for my order?

Where does your horse hair come from? Does it come from slaughtered horses?

Do you coat the horse hair with wax, or another substance to keep the hairs from fraying?


How do I order something made with my own horse hair

How long will it take for my order to be completed?

I have my own charm or pendant that I would like to have you add to my keepsake... Can you use it?

What if there's a problem with my order?

How do I measure for bracelet or necklace length?

Horse Hair Jewelry Care

How should I care for my horse hair keepsakes?

Can I get my horse hair jewelry wet?

Product Reviews

How can I leave a review for SC Equine?

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