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I started SC Equine almost ten years ago, as a way to celebrate the lives of your great horses through my talent for making horse hair jewelry.  This business has been one of the greatest experiences (and challenges!) of my life, and it has grown to the point where I'd love to offer more of a variety to my wonderful customers.  

I've got a million great ideas for things I'd love to create, but I need to know what you want.  If you could help me out and take just a few seconds to give me some feedback on what you'd like to see, it'd be a huge help!


What Interests You Most?
More variety of horse hair jewelry designs
More variety of jewelry that's horse-themed but not horse hair
Higher end jewelry selections (14k White and Yellow Gold)
Shopping Guides & Product Reviews
Horse themed clothing
Custom Tack
Prints - Photography & Quotes
DIY Kits & Instructables
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Do Quizzes

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