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Budget Friendly Slow Feeder Hay Nets

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If you're like me, you're fighting the constant battle of taking the best care of your horses that you possibly can, while staying within the limits of a tight budget.  It can be challenging, to say the least!  

I've long been in favor of using slow-feeders for my horses, for many reasons: Slow feeders help reduce the amount of wasted hay that just gets trampled into the ground, and they also force horses to eat slower, which makes mealtime last longer, as well as being healthier for their digestive systems.  

While the concept of slow feeders has been of interest to me for quite some time, my budget constraints and lack of building skills didn't make them realistic until recently.  I saw tons of amazing looking feeders that were priced out of my budget, and still more pictures and instructions for DIY projects on Pinterest, but I don't have the time to build something, not to mention, building things is not really my forte.  

I even tried making one out of bailing twine.  I used enough bailing twine to tie up an elephant (don't ask me what that means! lol) and spent several hours working on it, all to end up with a beautiful hay net that was big enough to hold a couple of fistfuls of hay.  

Not to be daunted, I started looking around again, and found these slow feeder hay nets on amazon for only $13.28 each!  They actually come in different sizes, but I got three of the large ones, each of which is big enough to just barely fit an entire small, two string hay bale (although I don't usually load that much into them!).  There are also several different colors to choose from.

For the price, you can't beat these!  They have greatly reduced the amount of hay that our horses were wasting, as well as extending their meal time by a lot, which leaves the horses feeling more satisfied for longer.  And they are durable!  We've had these for almost a year, and they are all still in great condition.  

Ready to get yours?  You can find it here.

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