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Product Review: Ultra Cruz Equine Shampoo, Conditioner, and De-Tangler

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I recently had the opportunity to review Ultra Cruz's equine shampoo, conditioner, and de-tangler. These products caught my attention when I saw a picture of a palomino stud who sported one of the most beautiful tails that has been maintained with them.  

I thought, since I make horse hair jewelry, what better way to start my product reviews than with products that will help maintain that beautiful horse hair!

I tried the shampoo and conditioner on all three of our horses.  The first thing that I noticed was the scent of the shampoo - it has a refreshing minty scent that is incredibly appealing, yet not too strong.  
The next thing that caught my attention was the consistency of the shampoo - It's concentrated enough to produce a really good lather, which means that you don't have to use very much to do a good job (Yay!), but it's not super thick or runny... Very good working consistency.

I found that the shampoo made it very easy to get all the way down to the roots of the hair...  It often takes a lot of work and effort to really get a mane and tail clean, all the way down to the roots, but this shampoo made that tough job a lot easier than usual.  

The conditioner was also really great to work with...  Pleasant scent, very nice consistency, and, by the time I was done with it, I didn't even need to use the de-tangler on any of them.  

The biggest difference that I noticed on the darker horses was how incredibly soft and shiny they were.  I mostly focused on their manes and tails, but also scrubbed their rumps and back legs with their soapy tails, and, once they were rinsed off, there was a noticeable shine on their rumps, necks, and shoulders where they'd been exposed to the shampoo.


Fizz, however, was far shinier than I have ever seen him...  He was virtually sparkling.  And he kept that sparkle for days after his bath, even though he lives in a mostly-dirt paddock...  His mane and tail stayed all fluffy, and as much as a week after his bath, he looked almost like he'd just been freshly bathed.  You can see the color difference in Fizz's tail the photo below...  I really didn't spend much time scrubbing it. His natural mane and tail color is an off white...  I wish I had a white horse to try it out on!

I was in a bit of a quandary as to how to test out the de-tangler, since all of my horses already had super soft and tangle-free manes and tails from just the shampoo and conditioner...  And then I ended up doing something a bit different: I tried it on my cat.  I have one cat that has super long and ridiculously fine hair, and no matter how often I brush him, he ends up with these horrid mats all over his body, which I've been working on eradicating.  I've tried a lot of different products to de-tangle and manage his fur, and nothing has done much. While the de-tangler didn't make the knows just fall out (to be fair, I really don't think anything would do that!), it actually made the worst matts workable enough so that I COULD brush them out, rather than having to just cut them off.  Not only that, but his hair isn't getting new knots daily like it did before, but is seeming like it may actually become manageable, which is nothing short of a miracle!  Four stars for the de-tangler!

To be perfectly honest, I have far more experience in washing horse hair when it's no longer attached to a horse, than I do washing an entire horse, so I decided to put the Ultra Cruz Equine Shampoo and Conditioner to the real test, and wash some of the horse hair that was waiting to be made into jewelry.  OMG I love love LOVED it!!!  I did half of the horse hair with the Ultra Cruz shampoo, and half with a cheaper off-brand that I've been using up till now, and some of the hair that I washed with my old shampoo actually ended up getting re-washed with Ultra Cruz shampoo...  It did a better job easier, used far less, and made the hair feel immensely softer and silkier once it was dried and I was working with it.  

So, where can you get these wonderful products? Head on over to the grooming supplies section of Santa Cruz Animal Health's website (Find it here)...  Tell them I sent you!  :)


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