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The Tennessee Walking Horse Who Stole the Hearts of Many

SC Equine is all about celebrating the horses that you love.  Star was a beautiful and kind-hearted Tennessee Walking Horse that was rescued by one of our customers.  Their story is truly beautiful.

16 yrs ago, Diane’s husband and 2 children moved to NC for his job.  She did not know a soul in her new state and was so lonely, so she decided to look for a companion.  That’s when she ran across Star. He had just been purchased from an auction, was very underweight and had shoes nailed to the inside of his hooves.  He had blown out knees from years of abuse in the show ring, and had not been ridden in about 7 years.  He did good to stand up, but he had the kindest look in his eyes, like he knew she was there 

to take him home.  Diane made a promise to him that day, that he would be with her for the rest of his life, and that he would never be hurt or go hungry again.  He was the kindest and most gentle 16hh TN Walker that she has ever known (Ironic in and of itself, that she ended up with a Tennessee Walking Horse, since Diane had moved from NC to TN!).

For 15 yrs he was her best friend and touched the lives of many, teaching adults and kids alike to ride.   He never fully understood that he was not a dog, and that he could not come in the house.  He wanted whatever you were eating or drinking, and he loved sweet tea.

Over the years there had been many times that he had gone down and should not have gotten up, (he was a chronic colicker) but Diane firmly believes that he did get back up for her, because he knew how lost she would be without him.  Diane kept her promise to Star: Never again did he go hungry or unloved, and when the time came, she gave him the ultimate sacrifice of love, to end the pain of a problem that he simply could not overcome.  Star was laid to rest at the ripe old age of 30, in his favorite shady spot overlooking his forever home.

The day that Star was laid to rest, I got a phone call from Diane’s best friend, Lisa, who
shared a bit of their story.  Hers was one of the lives that Star had touched in a huge way.  It was Star that had inspired her to get horses of her own.

I made bracelets for Diane and Lisa from Star’s hair…  Diane said that she cried for a good while after receiving hers.  She says, “Star was my once in a lifetime best friend and I will miss him everyday of my life. Thank you for creating something so special to remember him by.”

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