Chunky Horse Hair Looped Key Chain

Regular price $50.00

This key chain is made out of braided horse hair that's been plated into a chunky braid and looped back into a sterling silver hammered end cap.

If you'd like to send in your own horse hair for this key chain: Please send a bunch of horse hair that's at least 1/3" thick and at least 16" long. While there are exceptions, I prefer working with tail hair rather than mane hair, as the texture of mane hair is usually unsuitable for braiding. If you are hoping to have this key chain made with mane hair, please contact me before ordering to discuss your options.

I'm always happy to help with processing your order, so feel free to email if you need ordering assistance.

If you're sending your own horse hair, please make sure that it's completely dry before packaging it up. Also, please include the name that's on your order on or in the package with your horse hair.