October - Braided Horse Hair Bracelet with Rainbow Tourmaline and Sterling Silver

Regular price $125.00

This bracelet is custom made for you when you order, and can be made with your horse's tail hair or horse hair from my own private stock. It features strands of horse tail hair that have been washed, individually counted, and carefully plated into two square braids. Stunning rainbow tourmaline beads are sewn between the two braids of horse hair, which are held together by two sterling silver slider beads. The end caps and clasp are also sterling silver. 

I'm happy to make one of these with your horse's hair, or with horse hair from my own private stock.

There is no extra cost for you to send in your own horse hair. If you're sending in your own horse hair, please send at least 1/4" thick bunch of tail hair that's at least 16" long. I will return any leftover horse hair with the finished bracelet. If you don't have enough horse hair for this item, I can supplement some of my own if you wish, but will not do so without your approval.

Custom orders take longer than stock orders, so please allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for your custom order to be completed once I receive your horse hair. If I don't get your horse hair within a 30 days of the date your order is placed, your order will be canceled.

When sending in your own horse hair, you don't need to wash it, but please try to pick out any leaves/twigs/debris as much as possible. Make sure the hair is completely dry, snap a rubber band around one end of the bunch, and place the bunch in a baggy. I recommend shipping the hair in something a bit more sturdy than just a plain, white, letter envelope.

The address for you to ship the hair to will come in your order confirmation email. 

Please be sure to send an accurate measurement for the bracelet. "Bracelet length" refers to the total length of the bracelet, including the clasp. I recommend measuring a well-fitting bracelet to get an accurate length. Alternatively, you can place a string around your wrist and cut it to a comfortable length, then measure the string. An additional 1/2" length of chain will allow you to adjust the bracelet perfectly.