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10 Turquoise Rings for Under $20

I have major weaknesses for a few very specific things, and almost anyone who knows me knows that turquoise is at the top of that list of weaknesses.  Anything turquoise (or mint green, teal, baby blue, or almost any variation of the aforementioned!)...  My entire house and about half of my wardrobe sport a vintage-chic mix of turquoise, mint green and red...  I just can't help it, I LOVE turquoise!

With that in mind, you now know why I couldn't resist putting together a collection of super cute turquoise rings that are perfect for any budget.  Whether you're looking for a quick gift for a turquoise-loving friend (like me!), or wanting to treat yourself to something special, you've come to the right place.  Ok I'll stop chattering on and show you the goods!  Enjoy.  :)

#1.  .925 Sterling Silver Ring with Genuine Turquoise

Geometric shapes are so in right now!  I love the Turquoise ringsimple silver bands that run across cross the turquoise stone on this stunning ring.  Priced at just $19, this ring is available in sizes 5 - 12

Get it here.

 #2.  Sterling Silver & Turquoise Eternity Band 

Turquoise Ring


I just love the turquoise chips that wrap their way around this sterling silver eternity band!  The ring itself has a width of about 3mm, half of which is made up with the turquoise chips.  Priced at only $18.99.  

Get it here.



 #3. Vintage Style Sterling Silver & Turquoise Ring

Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring


I love the varied shades of brown mixed in with the turquoise color in the stone on this ring...  Set in a band made of .925 sterling silver, this ring is available in sizes 5 - 10.  Priced at only $15.50.  

Get it here.

#4.  Sterling Silver Oval Ring

Turquoise Ring

The simple design of this ring is a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.  Available in sizes 4 - 10.  This simulated turquoise stone is set in a solid sterling silver band.  Also available with a black simulated onyx or white simulated opal stone.  Priced at only $10.69.

Get it here.

 #5.  Chunky Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring


Turquoise Ring


Love the pattern of sterling silver and genuine turquoise shapes on this chunky ring.  Comes in sizes 6 - 11.  Priced at only $19. 

Get it here.

#6.  Sterling Silver & Turquoise Stackable Ring




Turquoise RingOk this list may not have been the smartest thing for me to work on, as I may just end up with a whole new collection of turquoise rings, all for myself!  I'm seriously in love with this silver and genuine turquoise stacking ring... It comes in sizes 5 - 11 and is only $15.  Get it here.

#7.  Chunky Sterling Silver Ring with Simulated Turquoise Cabochon

I love this sterling silver ring with a hint of turquoise color for an accent.  Available in sizes 6 - 12.  Priced at only $12.19.  

Get it here.

#8.  Sterling Silver Ring with Turquoise Chip Heart

Turquoise ring


This dainty ring features a sterling silver 1mm thick band band, a 5mm wide heart heart with an arrow, inlaid with turquoise chip beads.  Priced at only $15.99.

Get it here.

#9. Natural Turquoise & Gold Wrap Ring


Turquoise wrap ring

I love the natural appearance of the turquoise stones in this ring...  The adjustable ring itself is gold plated copper (The eco-plating is lead free, nickel free and cianum free).  Priced at only $14.00.

Get it here.

#10.  Sterling Silver Modern Style Triple Leaf Turquoise Ring

Turquoise RingThis ring sports three sterling silver leaves, set with turquoise stones in each leaf.  Comes in sizes 4.5 - 9.5.  Priced at only $14.89 - $17.89.  Get it here.