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About SC Equine

SC Equine was started in 2005 as a way to commemorate the horse of my heart, S.P.A. Watch Me.  

While I have had many horses come through my life, there is one horse who will always be remembered as the best horse I ever had.  She was a fiery little pony-sized white Arabian mare, and it was love at first sight from the moment I saw her. While I had leased a few horses previously, she was the first horse that I ever owned; and, while she was not the easiest horse that I've ever had, she's definitely the one who taught me the most.  Losing her in 2004 was heart breaking, but she continued to give even after her passing, as it was losing her that gave me the inspiration to start SC Equine.  

The day that Watch Me passed away, my vet gave me a brochure for a place that made horse hair jewelry.  Since I've always been crafty, I decided to learn how to make something for myself.  After many hours of frustration, trial-and-error and practice, I finally began to come up with designs that I was happy with.  I then decided that I had put too much work into learning how to make these things to keep it to myself, so I decided to share my talent and make horse hair jewelry for other people as well.

Making horse hair jewelry has been hands-down the most rewarding job that I've ever done.  Since much of my jewelry is made for people who have lost their horses, I know how important these pieces are.  People will often tell me a little bit about the horse that is gone, and I consider it a great honor to have a small part in keeping the memory of these great horses alive.



Team Members

Stephanie Clegg - Owner, Expert Horse Hair Braider

SC Equine is my baby - I am marketing expert, website designer, jewelry designer, correspondence queen, graphic designer, and SO much more.  Each order is created and filled personally by me.

I live in Berthoud, CO with my happy little family of horses, dogs, and cats.  Aside from making horse hair jewelry, some of my other favorite things are coffee, gardening/homesteading, trucks, cooking, spending time with my family and friends, and playing the piano.  


Lydia Beccard - Designer, Metal Work Extraordinaire, Marketing Assistant

I design and create much of the custom hardware for SC Equine, such as end caps, charms, pendants, clasps, and whatever my creative heart can come up with!

I adore all things rustic, country, vintage, recycled, handmade, and, well, if it's mason jar related, I'm all over that! I tend to have creative ADD and can't seem to settle on a specialty. I live in sunny California with my new baby girl, 3 dogs & cat. Amongst other things, I enjoy gardening barefoot, cooking, and of course, creating wonderful pieces for you awesome people! 


Carrie Owens - Customer Service Expert

If you contact SC Equine through email or one of the many social media platforms that we are active on, chances are you will probably be interacting with me.  It's my pleasure to help you with your order or answer any questions you may have regarding SC Equine or the products here.

I live in the rolling hills of Tennessee. West of the Smokeys, South of the Cumberland Gap. I was born and raised in the country and there is no place I would rather live. I have to be able to watch a good sunset and be able to see the stars. I have to be able to hear myself think, y'know? :)
I live here with my Husband and our two children. I like reading books, cooking, playing the piano, pizza, sushi, flip flops, hiking, gardening, binge watching TV shows on Netflix (with obligatory bowl of popcorn).