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Independent Sales Rep for SC Equine

SC Equine is looking to form a working relationship with an independent sales rep (Possibly more than one, if we find the right fits!). You would be working for yourself, and not employed by SC Equine.

SC Equine offers discounts that cover a wide variety of sales scenarios, including wholesale, drop-shipping, and consignment.

A sales rep is responsible for finding new accounts, and managing those accounts (placing orders, checking in when necessary to make sure that each account stays well-stocked, etc.). A sales rep would get 10% of sales from wholesale/consignment  orders, and 20% of sales from any items that you sell at the retail price - any retail customers that you bring are considered yours for as long as you work with SC Equine, and you will get a commission on any future sales from them, as long as you’re still working with us.  You would not need to stock any products, unless you wanted to (Want to have a booth at a horse show? GREAT! I’d love to help you make that happen!).

Some examples of the types of accounts that a sales rep would be looking for would be wholesale or consignment with gift shops, tack shops, Western/English clothing stores, country boutiques, etc. Our wholesale discount is 50% of the retail price. Consignment/drop-shipping is usually about 40%.  Veterinarians who purchase our keepsakes as gifts for their clients also get a 40% discount.  I would also love to have someone work on getting some horse rescues who could sell jewelry that’s made with hair from rescue horses; a riding club that wants to do a fundraiser.  Or a sports team mascot - the owner of the mascot for the USC football team has me make jewelry from his hair for her to sell at football games.

Because I want to work with people who genuinely love and believe in our jewelry & keepsakes, you’ll get free samples from time to time when I create new designs, etc.

I’m looking for someone who’s excited and motivated, with lots of ideas for opportunities to create; If you have an idea for a market that I’m not exploring yet, I want to hear about it!

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