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Sales Rep Details

Thank you so much for your interest in working with SC Equine as an independent sales rep! Here is an outline of our program. Feel free to offer any insight or input.

How it works:

As an independent sales rep, you get to choose how you work, when you work, where you work, and how much you work!

You will find new customers and wholesale accounts and maintain a good working relationship with those accounts, periodically checking in to make sure that they get taken care of properly and stay well-stocked. You will assist your customers with their orders, and you will be their point of contact. Even though you will be the point of contact for these accounts, each account that you bring in will be tagged with a code that’s unique only to you, and we will check each month to make sure that you get your commission for any orders placed under you, even if the customer passed you by and placed the order directly with us.

SC Equine will initially supply you with some catalogs, a line sheet with price breakdowns, and a few pieces of sample jewelry to use with your advertising. Any other advertising expenses that you may incur will be your responsibility to pay for. We will also periodically supply you with coupon codes that are exclusive to you, that your customers can use during checkout.

Sales commissions will be paid out monthly, with a minimum balance of $10. You can choose to receive your payments via PayPal or check.

Discount Details for Sales Reps


Stores and retailers who want to purchase our products outright to resell get a 50% discount off of the current retail price.

Wholesale customers will be billed by SC Equine after we receive their order, and then you will get your 10% commission from any wholesale sales once the customer has paid. You don’t have to worry about collecting the money from these orders.


Consignment is a great option for businesses who don’t have much money to put into inventory, as the customer doesn’t pay us until they sell something. We offer a 40% discount on items purchased on consignment. Clients who wish to sell on consignment will have an order limit for the first few orders, as orders supplied on consignment are supplied in good faith.

Consignment accounts also have the option to have products drop-shipped directly to the final customer, rather than having to go to the consigner first.

You also get a 10% commission from any of these sales.

If you want to set up a booth at a horseshow or other special event, I’d be happy to provide you with products that you can sell on consignment. Any costs or fees associated with that will be your responsibility.


You are always welcome and encouraged to make retail sales, as well, which will earn you a 20% commission.

Orders can be placed online through our website, over the phone, or with the order forms provided to you.

Here are some specific examples of great ways to work with different groups:

Veterinarians: Veterinarians who purchase our jewelry as keepsake gifts for their clients get the 40% consignment discount. You could also leave brochures with your coupon code in veterinary offices in your area, for them to give to their clients. Your coupon codes will be tracked, and you will get a commission for any customer who checks out using your coupon code.

Horse Rescues, Therapeutic Riding Programs, etc: Help them start a fundraiser selling horsehair jewelry made from their horse’s hair! They send me hair from their horses (Or I can use stock hair, if they prefer) and advertise it, and we make it up and send it out to the final customer when it sells. Or we can make up a stock ahead of time for them to sell on consignment in a gift shop or at events. We are often even able to make charms to add, with their logo on it.

Fundraisers for Riding Clubs, 4-H groups, etc.: Set them up with some catalogs and send them out to collect orders! They collect the full, retail price for the sales that they make, but save 40% of that when they place those orders with us.