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SC Equine offers a wholesale discount to various qualified groups, individuals, and companies.  Approval for wholesale is based strictly on an individual basis, so please be sure to contact me directly if you're interested in receiving my wholesale discount of 50% off my listed retail price.

I have worked with veterinarians, sports teams, charities, boutiques and other retail establishments and is always excited to create new partnerships.  Whatever your needs, I'm happy to do my best to tailor my wholesale program to accommodate them as best I can.


Why should you partner with SC Equine?

There are many situations where groups, businesses, and other entities can benefit from working with SC Equine.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Boutiques, consignment shops, and other retail businesses.
Because I am able to offer a 50% discount to our wholesale vendors, this gives you the ability to mark up our products enough to make an acceptable profit.  My minimum order requirements are flexible, based on an individual basis, and I often work on consignment as well.  This makes it possible to work with SC Equine, even if you don't have much money to spend on purchasing inventory.  I even offer drop-shipping services for instances where it is applicable, which cuts down even more on the work that you have to do.

  • Veterinary Clinics
Many veterinarians have some sort of program in place to commemorate the equines that have passed away under their care.  A bracelet or key chain made from the late horses' tail hair is one of the most precious memorials for these horses, and it's inexpensive, as well!  With my 50% discount, you can get one of my basic bracelet designs for under $15!  Add a custom, laser engraved tag with the horses' name on one side and your clinic's name on the other for only $10...  That's still only $25 for a gift that will forever endear you to the hearts of your clients. (these are just examples, you can choose anything in my shop or have me design something especially for you).

  • Horse Rescues, Therapeutic Riding Facilities, and other Charities
If your charity is looking for ways to raise money, consider selling some of my horse hair jewelry.  You can add my jewelry to your online shop without even having to make a purchase outright...  Just pay me when an item sells and I'll ship it directly to the customer.  You can charge whatever you wish for it, and I only get 50% of my suggested retail price.  Anything above that is yours to keep.  I can even use your horse's hair to fill your orders with if you like.

If you have a fundraising event and would like to sell my jewelry, you don't have to worry about getting stuck with extra inventory that doesn't sell...  You can return any leftover inventory, and I will send you a refund for whatever you return, as long as it's in like-new condition.  In some cases, I may even let you just pay for whatever you sell after the event, rather than ahead of time.  I often donate pieces for raffles and auctions, as well, so be sure to ask me about that.

  • Rodeo Queen Contestants, 4H, FFA, and other Equestrian Groups
If you're doing fundraising for an equestrian group, why not consider having some pieces made from your horse's hair and selling them to friends and family?  Or, if you're wanting to gift a jewelry piece to members of your group, I often give a full or partial wholesale discount, depending on how many pieces are being ordered.  

  • Teams with a Horse, Mule, or Donkey as their Mascot
If your team has an equine as it's mascot, then you need me!  I can create custom pieces using your mascot's hair, your team colors and logo, or whatever you need.  Great thing to sell a your team fundraisers, and gift to team members.

  • Owners of Famous Horses
Do you have a well-known horse?  I bet your horses' fans would LOVE the chance to own a piece of your horses' tail, in the form of a beautiful bracelet, necklace, key chain, or...  I'm happy to create a line that reflects your horse and your brand.


Oftentimes, an online business (or perhaps a gift shop for a horse rescue, for instance) may be interested in selling my products, but can't afford to purchase it outright.  Drop-shipping eliminates this issue.

Rather than purchasing items up front, you list whatever items you want in your own online store.  You can list them at my suggest retail price, or make your own prices.  Once an item sells, you forward the order on to me, along with payment for the item at the wholesale cost and shipping, and any amount above that is yours to keep.

I package the item and send it right out for your happy customer.  I can even print and include your own invoice, if you want.  

And more...

I can even create a custom line of products, created exclusively for you and your company, group, team, or brand.  I can create pieces with specific colors in them, charms and tags with specific sayings, or include specific gemstones or materials...  The sky is the limit!  Just let me know what you're looking for, and I'll take care of the rest.