Connor - Chunky Horse Hair Bracelet, Men's Horse Hair Bracelet

Regular price $95.00

This lovely bracelet features horse hair, color of your choice, plated into an 9mm wide braid. The hair is braided around a nylon paracord core, which helps add size to the braid. The 9mm hammered sterling silver end caps connect the ends of the bracelet with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Your bracelet will come packaged in a gift box, perfect to give as a gift or keep your own treasure safe. I'd be happy to make one of these with your horse's hair, or with a different color/color combination of my own horse hair.

There is no extra cost for you to send in your own horse hair. If you're sending in your own horse hair, I need at least 1/2" thick bunch for this bracelet, that's at least 24" long. It is my policy to return an leftover hair with the finished item, unless you tell me you don't need it back. If you don't have enough horse hair for this item, I can supplement some of my own if you wish, but will not do so without your approval.

Custom orders take longer than stock orders, so please allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for your custom order to be completed, but remember, the sooner I get your hair, the sooner I can finish your order! When sending in your own horse hair, please make sure the hair is completely dry, snap a rubber band around one end of the bunch, and place the bunch in a baggy. I recommend shipping the hair in something a bit more sturdy than just a plain, white, letter envelope. The address for you to ship the hair to will come in your order confirmation email. Due to the difference in texture, I can only use tail hair for this bracelet (no mane hair please!).