Custom Horse Hair Earrings Made from Your Horse's Hair

Regular price $90.00

These earrings feature a loop of horse hair that's been plated into a square braid and secured into a loop with SC Equine exclusive sterling silver end caps. You can also choose the color of horse hair that I use, or send in your own. Please feel free to let me know if you have any special color requests! Your earrings will come lovingly packaged in a cute gift box, perfect to safely store your treasure or ready to gift to a loved one.

If you're sending in your own horse hair, please send at least 1/4" thick bunch of hair that's at least 12" long. If you would like to have leftover hair returned, please be sure to make a note when you submit your order. To cut hair from a horse's tail, just snip a small chunk of the longest hairs from the underside of the tail, where it's out of sight. Please make sure the hair is completely dry before packaging it up. You don't need to wash the hair before sending it, but please try to pick out any debris (grass, hay, leaves, twigs, burrs, etc) that you can. Once it's ready to ship, snap a rubber band around one end of the bunch and put it into a little baggy. I will send you my address after I receive your order.