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Horse Hair Bracelet with Bullet Shell Casing End Caps

Horse Hair Bracelet with Bullet Shell Casing End Caps

$ 65.00

This chunky horse hair bracelet was designed to be more versatile, for men as well as women. To make this bracelet, I count out individual strands of horse hair and twist them into bunches called "pulls". The pulls are then plated into a round braid, using a nylon paracord string as a core. The result is a 9mm thick round braid, which is then glued into two spent 9mm Luger bullet shell casing end caps. A lobster claw clasp is shown in the picture, but you are welcome to request a toggle clasp instead, if you wish.  

Your bracelet will come packaged in a gift box, perfect to give as a gift or keep your own treasure safe.

If you're sending your own horse hair for this bracelet, please send at least 1/2" thick bunch of hair that's at least 24" long. It is my policy to return an leftover hair with the finished item, unless you tell me you don't need it back. If you don't have enough horse hair for this item, I can supplement some of my own if you wish, but will not do so without your approval. Custom orders take longer than stock orders, so please allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for your custom order to be completed, but remember, the sooner I get your hair, the sooner I can finish your order!

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