Horse Hair Necklace

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Beautiful horse hair necklace made by hand just for you. Each necklace is created just for you when it when you order. This necklace features a square braid with a lobster claw clasp. Magnetic clasps are available upon request. Choose hardware from sterling silver, silver plated, gold plated, copper plated, antique copper plated, antique brass plated, or gunmetal plated. This necklace will come at a length of 18" unless another length is requested. I can use your horse hair for this necklace or my own. Such a great gift idea or keepsake!

If you're sending your own horse hair, please be send at least 1/4" thick bunch of tail hair that's at least 24" long. If your hair isn't long enough, I can add an extender chain. If you don't have enough hair, I can supplement with my own horse hair upon your approval. Please let me know if you want me to return any leftover hair. Please send tail hair (sorry, no mane hair please).