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Horse Hair Necklace with Horseshoe Nail Cross

Horse Hair Necklace with Horseshoe Nail Cross

$ 72.00

This is yet another one of my favorite and most popular items... It combines horses and faith into one item. Made from any color or color combination of horse hair that you wish (you can even send me your horse hair to use) plated into a square braid, the necklace comes with a horse shoe nail cross pendant. Virtually any color of cross is available.

If you're sending your own horse hair, please be send at least 1/4" thick bunch of tail hair that's at least 24" long. If your hair isn't long enough, I can add an extender chain or use two braids that meet in the middle instead of one. If you don't have enough hair, I can supplement with my own horse hair upon your approval. 

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