Sterling Silver and Horse Hair Necklace, Made from Your Horses Hair

Regular price $40.00

Keep your horse close with this custom horse hair necklace. It can also be made with hair from any other type of pet, or even feathers! This 17mm pendant is perfect when you only have a little bit of hair to work with or if you just love the look! Strands of your horse's hair are carefully set between the sterling silver bezel pendant and the protective glass dome. This pendant will come to you strung on an adjustable 22" long sterling silver chain. Your necklace will come carefully packaged in a cotton-filled gift box to protect your treasure in transit and store it when you're not wearing it. It also makes great gift packaging if you're planning on purchasing as a gift for a loved one. My address, to which you can send your horse hair, will be in your order confirmation email after you have completed the checkout process.